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    Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau: boost wooden play industry "

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    Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau: boost wooden play industry "

    * : * : admin * : 2016-04-07 * : 260
    Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the wooden industry to enhance the quality of the months of this year's research topics, and the cloud and the county toy associations, business executives and relevant departments to find the common wood Playing industry development of the "short board", and discuss the "zero turned to open a new Council" measures.
    Yunhe County as a national export quality and safety demonstration zone, with more than 70 management norms of export enterprises, good quality foundation, brand influence, good momentum of development, but the current overall quality of the industry has yet to be improved, especially the domestic trade, On-line and intertwined together, the quality can not be "the same line with the same quality", product quality and integrity and other factors affect the sustainable development of industry.
    Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau based on departmental responsibilities, through the strengthening of the record, strengthen training, and strengthen the matter after the supervision of the "three strengthen" boost wooden industry "zero to open a new chapter. "To strengthen the implementation of new inspection and quarantine enterprises, including quality system, high-risk sensitive materials, product identification and so the first record management, as far as possible after the removal of substandard product failure factors; according to the requirements of export management to strengthen the new export enterprises to carry out domestic Foreign policies and regulations and business training to help enterprises as soon as possible to grasp the quality requirements of foreign countries and regulations, directives, according to the standard requirements for production. "Lishui Inspection and Quarantine relevant responsible person said, at the same time, the new enterprise key and special process control, self- , Unqualified product disposal and other aspects to be focused on strengthening supervision, to promote enterprises to establish product quality awareness of the first responsible person to ensure product quality and safety.
    It is understood that the Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau will fully support the cloud and the county to promote the roll paint park, sawing processing, small and micro enterprises three public service platform construction, fully cooperate with the "homogeneous with the same standard" work, and constantly explore the electricity (Including cross-border electricity providers) and other new formats of quality monitoring and technical services to help cloud and wood play "China made" action plan and the development of wood to play industry standards. The next step will be in-depth enterprise investigation, in the short board on the precise force, in the strong service make a fuss, propel cloud and wood play industry continues to become bigger and stronger.