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    Cloud and Wooden Toys Innovation

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    Cloud and Wooden Toys Innovation

    * : * : admin * : 2016-12-29 * : 309
    Recently, a New Deal for the cloud and wooden toy industry practitioners are encouraged - to encourage enterprises to play to the benefits of innovation, the cloud and will come up with 100 million yuan each year to reward enterprise innovation, and the implementation of rapid rights protection mechanism.
    Cloud and wood industry in this year's domestic and foreign markets to achieve the case of weak contrarian up. The first 10 months of this year, wood play on the enterprise value of 1.415 billion yuan, an increase of 26%. Accounting for one third of the total output value of the cloud and industrial output value of the wood industry has ushered in the accelerated run.
    Cloud and has a wooden play production enterprises 760, regulation on the 22 enterprises. This year, the wood companies to further rely on innovation to achieve transformation and upgrading, and strive to create explosion models.
    In November at the Yiwu Fair, the cloud and the Ertai Toy Co., Ltd. with independent research and development of new products, "the bulk of the first son of a small father father" series of wooden toys to win customers favor, all of a sudden back to the 400 million order .
    Surging electricity providers to expand the wood industry to play a new space. Cloud and wood playing power supplier Yu Junjie in the "quick sale" opened three stores, mainly children's toys sold to Europe and the United States and Russia. More and more clouds and local electricity providers began to send power in the international electricity business platform, the first 10 months of this year, the county electricity business turnover of 9.9 billion yuan, of which 90% of the amount of wood products to play transactions.
    In order to speed up the promotion of wood play industry, the cloud and proceed with the construction of wooden play accessories professional market, convenient enterprise procurement of raw materials, and strive to cloud and play the southwest of Zhejiang largest wooden play accessories distribution center. The county also plans by the end of 2017 to build import bonded warehouses and export control positions, to further help enterprises to reduce procurement costs, reduce logistics costs, speed up cash flow. In the cloud and planning the wooden industry to play on the blueprint, in 2020 the wood industry will exceed 10 billion yuan output value.