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    Current Location :Culture
    Cultural management is the highest level of enterprise management, the highest level of modern enterprise competition is cultural management competition.

    Crown Thai as a wooden toy production enterprises, from their own business characteristics and characteristics of the industry, the "creation of happiness, social services" as their business purposes and fundamental philosophy. Our presence, so that more children have a pure happy childhood! Our entrepreneurial spirit: to achieve business value, to achieve self-pursuit.

    Guantai toys was formally established in 2011, registered as "Yunhe County crown Thai Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.", the annual output value of 800 million, an interval of 5 years until 2016 changed its name to "Zhejiang Guantai Toy Co., Ltd." Rose to more than 3000 million. 5 years time, the development of this jump is our realization of the substantive purposes of business performance.

    Our core values: healthy long-term development and innovation; continuous learning; uphold the integrity of cooperation. During the five years, enterprises abide by the law, and actively participate in the activities held in the province of the province, and the exchange of learning. In the corporate activities have made the honorary certificate. And the enterprise during this period also gave employees a safety production and job training requirements of the various positions of the management to obtain their own relevant professional certificates, such as the company responsible for the circuit wiring requirements of the electrician to obtain "electrician", responsible for the lift management maintenance The administrator to obtain "elevator management qualification certificate", the relevant office staff to obtain "is: 9000 Internal Auditor."

    Our business goal is to make a high-quality professional manufacturer of wood products. Employees on behalf of enterprises, the image of employees on behalf of corporate image, the product is not the other. We are in the production of products to buy materials are carried out "three to one" approach to screening, each process has a professional chef for guidance, but also the care of the administrator, we use the sincere, paid sweat, produced High-quality finished product is the best return for us.